who’s that girl?! ⤵



Hey everyone,

As you may have gathered by now, my name is Mary!

Because this is the “about” section and there are bunches of photos of my face doing things above, I feel I probably should tell you a little bit about me. I’m a mid-twenty-something, who’s lived life in Western Michigan since age two! I love the sea, sunshine, and a good soy caramel macchiato! And my baby nephews! I’m obsessed with them!

So, Mary Irene Storytelling actually began in the heart of a seven-year-old who picked up (and promptly dropped) a little point-and-shoot camera, but the business itself came to be many years later.

It’s actually a crazy-long, mildly-complicated story and if you’re interested, feel free to reach out, but let me take a minute to tell you some highlights—

1- Before photography, my favorite thing in the world was writing. It was my first true talent, and I definitely still jot down the angsty poem from time to time [see: Instagram captions].

2- I studied communications in college and even though I barely passed the intro class, it ended up changing my life.

3- I believe in a lot of things. But more than just about anything else, I believe in remembering each moment and loving people for as long as we can, the best we can. Over time, I’ve found photography to be the best way to celebrate and commemorate all the moments that are worth remembering.

I’m sure there are more facts I could share but quite honestly, my brain’s a little fried. I just wrapped editing my latest session and am currently curled up with goldfish and Pretty Little Liars on Netflix; if I think of more, I’ll let you know after this episode! ;)