My Very First In-Home Session

I’m about a year and a half into the photography game and though it wasn’t the intention, I realized that in branding myself as a “natural light photographer” I had never done an “in-home session!.” Though the two are not mutually exclusive, I simply had never gotten around to it!

I drafted Nicki to help me change that, but we had so many ideas that we ended up with too many ideas! By the time we both got off work, had ran around to Hobby Lobby and Meijer (to promptly not buy any of the props we planned), we were in danger of losing the light! It was 5:24pm when I looked up from my Meijer browsing to tell Nicki we should start shooting before 5pm! Utter panic promptly ensued once we looked at our phones and realized our predicament. Yet, despite the waning light, I think we ended up with some amazing photos! And not just because her puppies ended up crashing our shoot!!

What do you think?

Are you ready to book your creative, in-home shoot?!