Have a Lil' Faith!

One of my favorite and least favorite parts of building a business in this day and age is using social media to do it. Getting to share my work on personalized, publicized platforms is a privilege I don’t take lightly. While it can be easy to get caught up in equating worth’s and followings, or judging work based on the activity of others, there are definitely inequitable good things that have come from my time on the gram. One of the best things has been all the new faces I’ve gotten to meet, work with, and drink latte’s alongside! Sometimes it’s clients, sometimes it’s other photographers, but either way, it’s always a blast!

One of my latest adventures was with Iris Photography, AKA the talented genius behind Iris Photography’s lens, Faith! A heart of gold and hair to match, Faith is a goddess with a camera and when it comes to executing concept shoots! 5 seconds in to knowing her, I asked her to get weird and we ended up with some very real magic that wouldn't exist if we hadn’t taken a chance.

So she’s a risk taker.

SO COOL! And since I didn’t freeze her to death in her chiffon in 28 degree weather, we decided to keep being risky and keep shooting. Faith’s eye for the small details caught a small section of road that was too good to skip! She was right! It was amazing! Even when, upon pulling to the side of the road, my baby blue impala slipped down the snow in the embankment a bit, and got stuck for the very first time! If you know anything about me, you know I not nothing about cars, so I was relatively lost on how to fix the problem short of simply flooring it.

Faith however, didn’t miss a beat!

She was confident not only were we going to get out of the embankment, but I was going to be on time for work too (I had an hour!). In chiffon and heels, she stood in the middle of the road and flagged down the next car. I was sitting semi-speechless when the next person was a gentleman in a truck named John. She explained the situation and he grabbed the shovel he kept in the bed (WHO JUST KEEPS A GARDEN SHOVEL, LIKE A NON-SNOW SHOVEL IN THEIR TRUCK IN MICHIGAN?! NOT THAT I’M ACTUALLY COMPLAINING ALL THINGS CONSIDERED!!) and began to shovel us out. My skepticism, anxiety, and just overall concern for the turn the day had taken was mounting, but if Faith was worried, she didn’t show it. She reversed, spun the wheel, and overall just kicked butt at helping John get my car out of the ditch (to this day, still don’t know how she did it!). My anxiety eventually hit sky-high, but Faith still was totally fine. She was confident things were going to be fine and they were! It was a stupid good reminder to me that sometimes things do work out and it’s okay to just have a little faith in the circumstances. And when they don’t, things will always shake down, and settle eventually! Overall, it was a good, much-needed lesson and as thankful as I am to have found a friend in Faith, I’m also very grateful for what she’s already begun to teach me. Also, obviously very grateful that baby blue is okay! …from that day at least!

Check out the pics I sort-of, almost, kind-of, risked my car for!