Styled Winter Wedding

Wow, I cannot bear to bring myself to write the “very first blog post'“ post again. I’ve done it more times then I can count, so even amidst the big reveal, the biggest launch this blog is getting is this sentence.

Whew, okay, cool! Business over! Let’s move on to the fun stuff!

My latest styled shoot!!

I’ve published individual photos before, but it’s one of my favorite shoots of all time and I couldn’t resist the chance to share more pictures from this day!

But first, a little bit about the people involved! These are some of my favorite people in the world. I attended college alongside half of them! Lena, John, Katie and I were all in similar, and had the occasional class/on-campus job together.

Lena has always been one of the most dynamic, beautiful, passionate people I’ve ever met, so when it came time to pick my faux-bride, I couldn’t imagine anyone better. She doesn’t actually model officially in any capacity, but don’t ya’ll think she should?! I mean, come on! Loooooook at her!

John and I worked together on a few other independent projects and I always remembered him as being a whiz with the camera. As Mary Irene Storytelling grew, I knew I wanted to have a few videographers that I could call on for help with various projects, and thought John would be a perfect fit to join my team. He’s putting together his portfolio content (including content from this shoot), and we’ll see what ya’ll think soon enough!

Katie and I had several communications classes together and while we suffered side by side, we always talked about our big picture dreams. Her passion has always been helping others embrace and learn about their outer beauty in a way that best highlights their inner beauty! I’m completely at sea with the majority of all things beauty-related, so I put my trust in Katie’s capable hands and she certainly didn’t let me down!

And that brings me to Delaney, speaking of people who never let me down. I found Delaney through Instagram and found myself simultaneously starstruck and awestruck. Her talent, her ferocity, her passion, and her tattoos! it is so apparent in her life, in her instagram, and certainly in her work that she has one of the most intelligent souls and vibrant energies I’ve ever encountered and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

When we were all that everyday-sort-of awkward with each other (because really, 5 people who kind of know each other, but also sort of not, in a small salon room?) Delaney jumped in and jumpstarted astrology conversations, personality test analysis, and we, like the communications and english majors we were, went completely crazy and soon enough it was the picture of a group of friends who’d known each other for years (no pun intended!).

That day was so memorable for me. Not simply because of the beautiful pictures or the lilt of Lena’s faux-bridal laugh. Not even because I got time with 4 individuals who mean a great deal to me. But because a group of creatives came together, and created something good. It was a collaboration I feel confident we can be proud of and I certainly hope you’ll think so too!

Much love,


Getting Ready



First Look


Styled Shoot Information:

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Photographer: Mary Webster of Mary Irene Storytelling

Videographer: Jonathan Sainz

Hairstylist: Delaney Lemke of Loula Bella Salon

Cosmetologist: Katie Haan

Models: Lena Peak and Johnathan Sainz

Dress: Davids Bridal

Shoes: TOMS